Fogg says ‘It’s time to say goodbye to the uninvited guest’ in its new campaign

Fogg along with The Womb has released a new campaign saying The campaign highlights how people need to safeguard themselves against the pandemic for some more days. As corporate citizens of the country, we felt it was our duty to stand with the people of India in the fight against Corona, Darshanbhai Patel, managing director and CEO, Vini Cosmetics, said. The first time we heard this idea, we knew the message resonated with our thinking, The brief to us was Fogg has always been a brand that is part of enjoyment for Indians. Yet given the pandemic, people have lost out on those times but are impatient to get back. We had to encourage people to stay patient and wait for the good times to be back and make Fogg a part of their lives again. To bring alive the message we used the elephant as a metaphor with the often used idiom Haathi toh nikal gaya, bus pooch baaki hai as it delivered the brand In the current difficult times, it is an extremely charming, clever and uplifting film from Fogg. It is a message to society at large to not get bogged down by these tough circumstances, just stay careful, positive and hang in there, better times are round the corner, Read Also: OneFitPlus signs Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra as brand ambassadors Follow us onTwitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,Facebook